Drupal Commerce for Higher Education

Did you know?

Institutions such as Harvard University, Georgia Tech and Stanford University are all already using Drupal Commerce to complete the sales of physical goods and books, event and conference registration, ticket sales, course registration and payments, digital subscriptions of publications and donations management.

Drupal powers 28% of the world’s post secondary institution web services
Drupal powers 28% of the world’s post secondary institution web services
7 of the Top 10 ranked schools in the World use Drupal
7 of the Top 10 ranked schools in the World use Drupal

Do more with Drupal Commerce

  • Drupal Commerce is omnichannelStudents can browse, select, register and pay for courses.
  • Track, Manage, and Report on revenue.
  • Adaptive and Scalable.
  • Process mega content, users, sub-sites and data with ease.
  • Open communication channels between departments, manipulate content, and easy UX.
  • Drupal Commerce integrates seamlessly for financial transactions to be completed online, like: Student fees, recurring charges, bookstore transactions, donations, licensing, permitting, club memberships, among many others!

There are no magic tricks to make it work with your Open.edu Drupal install, it’s simply an extension. This extension can be re-tooled the same way as any Drupal module to become customized to meet the user and business flow, allowing for post-secondary institutions to truly leverage the power of open source, end to end.

How can Drupal Commerce work with your current Drupal eco-system?

Drupal Commerce also has a fully integrated and supported web-based point of sale built as a separate integration module. This allows for the full omni-channel experience online and in-person when your front line staff members are dealing with students, selling books on campus, and returning or refunding virtual purchases such as event tickets. Keep your stock and inventory in complete sync through Drupal Commerce automation without supporting any additional systems.

Drupal Commerce’s module options are as rich as Drupal’s core and contrib lists!

Built in multi-currency allows transactions in all currencies

language translations
Translations module allows access in 110 languages

api integrations
API first approach allows for complex integrations

Custom module development
Custom module development to meet unique requirements

Where does Acro Media fit in with .edu?

All of the features and flexibility of Drupal are mirrored and fully integrated to Drupal Commerce. Having full control and the power of a community of security experts without paying the SASS and revenue share fees is what Drupal and Drupal Commerce are all about for post-secondary facilities.

We specialize in all aspects of Drupal Commerce

  • Architecture
  • Consultation & Training
  • Hosting Packages
  • Custom Web Development
  • Module customization
  • Module configuration

Our team understands that one-size does not fit all, especially in the education space, so we listen and work together to bring your students and staff the most secure and integrated open source solution available in the Commerce arena.

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