Are you feeling the restrictions of proprietary platforms?

  • Do you feel your growth is outpacing the capability of your current ecommerce platform?

  • Are your company needs not aligned with your current development path?

  • Are you currently using a hosted ecommerce solution and having performance issues due to integration of multiple services?

  • Are you entering data into multiple systems because they aren’t integrated with your ecommerce platform?

  • Is it difficult for your administrators and marketers to change or create new content?

  • Does your product require post-sale products or alterations (engraving, warranty, subscription)?
  • Do you have a complex purchase process?

  • Do you have complicated shipping terms?

  • Are you at risk of losing your investment because you don’t own your code?

arrow-1.jpgIf you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you need to learn how open source commerce can help you break free.