Thinking about a migration from Drupal Commerce 1 to 2?

Make sure you’re living in the present. If you’re store is still on Drupal 7 and Commerce 1, you are not reaping the benefits of Open Source development. The community has pivoted towards the ever changing future of Commerce, and we want to bring you with us. With Drupal 8 and Drupal Commerce 2 , discover unparalleled platform features, integration, security and custom modules. Offering seamless API integrations, scalable development frameworks and a powerful built in CMS. Bring your store with you to the new version of Drupal Commerce and join the global network of developers and companies pushing the platform forward.

The last migration you’ll ever need!

Drupal Commerce 2 and Drupal 8 introduce easy updates, forever. What does that mean? It means that new features will be introduced continuously into the core through micro-updates, major migrations will be a thing of the past. Making the move from Drupal Commerce 1 to 2 will be the best possible investment for your eCommerce business. It will open the door to the use of all new Commerce modules and code, and allow your company to grow into the future without further thoughts of upgrading

The migration modules and guides developed by Acro Media will help you to port your code base to the new system and maintain your setup as desired. The migration will also require that special attention be given to custom modules and code that will making the move, as well as your sites history such as orders, accounts, products and associated data.

arrow-1.jpgLearn how to plan and execute your migration, adopt Drupal 8 and Commerce 2 and open up your online possibilities, avoiding the end-of-life talk once and for all.